Bossa is a fast-casual eat-in restaurant brand. It is a franchise concept which has 20 successful restaurants. The turnovers of the restaurants derive generally exceed that of other chain competition. The brand is largely based in the Western Cape of South Africa but has 4 successful restaurants in Gauteng, 1 in the Free State and 2 in Mpumalanga, all of which portend positive opportunities for further national growth. The internal operating processes of the individual restaurants are reasonably refined, as they were developed over time by the franchise founders, all of whom have extensive restaurant expertise.

Key custom in the dining area is primarily family during the evenings and over weekends, with the trendy but segregated bar areas attracting lunchtime business custom, post-work drinkers and a younger crowd, who collectively both reduce redundant trading periods, but of equal importance, extend the restaurants’ trading hours.

Bossa positions itself as an affordable but quality offering that has, through restaurant design and offering, positioned itself to appeal to the consumer at large.


To create happiness throughout South Africa by providing a warm, inviting and colourful environment that attracts patronage looking for a secure, affordable restaurant and bar experience.  We care for, train and empower our people so that no matter what it takes, they succeed in this endeavour.


Bossa is a privately held franchise company that seeks to marry the right entrepreneur with a successful “eat-in” restaurant model, offering excellent service and a wide variety of quality food, beverage and liquor.  Bossa offers an upmarket but affordable, welcoming and secure environment for the individual and family market alike.


We will deliver franchisor and franchisee value by committing to be a growth company

We aspire to delight our guests and in doing so, encouraging regular patronage

We maintain integrity, fairness and honesty with both internal and external stakeholders

We purchase only the highest quality products

We create a climate of teamwork by being responsible and accountable - we own our actions and decisions

We make our people happy and enthusiastic through effective training and concern ourselves with their personal development

We recognise good performance and catch our people doing things right

We will continually improve by creating a culture of motivation


The first Bossa opened in Paarl in 2002. This was a time when popular fast food American burger chains were sweeping across South Africa. Bossa’s founders, Pieter van der Westhuizen and Braam Swart decided to take the contrary approach to the market and opened a restaurant guaranteed to appeal to all and sundry.

Fresh ingredients, 200g ground beef burgers, 35-day matured steaks and woodfired pizzas bucked the fast-food trend and proved to be hugely successful.  Twenty two years later the Bossa in Paarl is still as popular as ever.

For the Bossa management there are non-negotiables which create the pillars of the Bossa success story.


All our dishes are made in-house using only fresh ingredients. Our in-house chefs not only consider popular tastes but constantly challenge the market with new flavours and dishes which ensures regular custom and keeps the appeal of the brand both fresh and contemporary.


Our franchisees make fantastic returns – don’t ask us, ask them!!


We have an open door and consultative approach with our franchisees. Fostering positive commercial relationships with our franchisees is a reason for the success of the franchisor and franchisee. We are nevertheless very firm on standards and insist insist our franchisees set the highest standards with regard to repairs and maintenance, hygiene, quality and the quality of all dishes we prepare.


We train management in all facets of our business and have wonderful success stories of turning new franchisees and their management into budding chefs and warm and outgoing front of house ambassadors.